March 16th- MONDO TONDO at Arcadia Contemporary. What happens when 52 of the leading contemporary realist painters each get the same round panel to paint on? An incredible show not to be missed.

 February 16th 2019- Art Renewal Salon at Arcadia Contemporary, Pasadena, CA. Select group show of winners of the Arcadia Contemporary Award from the finalists from the 13th Annual ARC Salon

May3rd- THE PERFECTIONISTS at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC

September 13th, 2019 SOLO SHOW at Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. More details to follow!




November 15th, 2018- Masters of Illusion: Pet’s Legacy and New Jersey Trompe L’Oeil. Invitational Trompe L’oeil Exhibition featuring John H. Peto at the the Morven Museum, Princeton, NJ, through May 2019

November 23rd, 2018- Black Friday online sale, Maxwell Alexander. Small works sale, online only! Website goes live at 8am, first come first served!

December 4-9, ART MIAMI with Clark Gallery, Miami, Florida

October 13th- Solo Showcase at Maxwell Alexander, Los Angeles, CA

July 12th- Summer Showcase at Costal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, Rhode Island

July 15th, Small Works Show with Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Los Angles, CA

July1st- POP UP with Clark Gallery, Provincetown, MA

August 19th-Arcadia Contemporary, FIVE AND UNDER, Pasadena, CA

June 1st- 28th, 2018- Celebration of Contemporary Trompe L'oeil Painting, "Fool Me Once"-- Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC

Art Boca Raton with Clark Gallery, March 18-20th

Art Palm Springs with Clark Gallery, February 15th

Art Miami with Clark Gallery, December 5th

February 28th,2018- The CLUE Show, Lovetts Gallery, Tulsa, OK





September 28th, 2017: Natalie Featherston & Robert LaDuke at Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

The Art of Story: Trompe L’oeil, Landscape, and the Painted World

 In her new show at Meyer Gallery, artist Natalie Featherston uses the time-honored technique of trompe l’oeil to craft stories against the backdrop of neoclassical landscapes and vistas from campy how-to art instruction books. Using anything at her disposal—rocks, stickers, buttons, crayons and construction paper—she creates a world where dinosaurs roam while hoarding pastries, and worker bees celebrate their queen over pollen rich flowers. Wolves sing with the moon against the desert backdrop of nighttime stars, and a mermaid and her consort match their wits against marauding pirates.

Featherston’s dazzling craftsmanship and trompe l’oeil skills engage the viewer, drawing them into this narrative world, all the while leaving them wondering whether the painting is exactly that: an actual multi-media collage hung on the wall or a cleverly painted deception.

“I work directly from life, and I love building the collages just as much as I enjoy painting them,” Natalie says about this new body of work. “Cutting and gluing all the little paper shapes together, and choosing all the things that go into making up the story and the world the characters exist in helps me to create a narrative vision that goes farther than simply making a pretty painting. Anyone can do that, I want to tell a story. And if I can make you question the line between what’s painted and what’s not, well, that’s where the fun comes in for the viewer.”Join Natalie Featherston at Meyer Gallery, 225 Canyon Road, September 28th at 5pm for the opening of her new show, “The Art of Story: Trompe L’oeil, Landscape, and the Painted World.” A full catalog of the show is available online at www.meyergalleries.com


June 21st, 2017: Art League of Rhode Island



Natalie is honored to be the guest speaker at this year's Art League of Rhode Island's 2017 Annual Meeting. Join us to hear her speak about the history of trompe l'ceil, her early academic training, and her body of work spanning the last twenty years. Hosted at the beautiful Providence Art Club in Providence.



June 21st, 2017: TRANSMOGRIFICATION- Contemporary Realism Show

Long Island City, NYC’s latest exemplar of metamorphosis from industrial grit to modern skyline, hosts a group show featuring works from Contemporary Realists celebrating Transformation and Mutability. Featuring work of Natalie Featherston, Neilson Carlin, Jon DeMartin, Chris Pugliese and Michael Aviano


2320 Jackson Ave, L.I.C., NY (one stop from Midtown Manhattan)


Opening Reception Wednesday, June 21, 2017 6:30pm-9:30

Open to the public: Sundays (6/25, 7/2) 1pm-4pm and Wednesdays (6/28 & 7/5) 5pm-8pm

Closing Reception Saturday, July 8, 2017 12 noon-3pm
Otherwise, open by appointment. Contact:  Tun Myaing , Panos Papamichael


October 6rd, 2016: Fall Show at Lovetts Gallery